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Our Charter Members still in the club today are:
Ken McLaughlin

Ken McLaughlin
George Uccelli

George Uccelli
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About the Rotary Club of San José Silicon Valley

In the years since our Rotary Club was chartered in February of 1980 the membership has changed as individual members move to other parts of the country, pass away, or career changes make continued membership difficult at that time. But what has never changed in all those years is the strong sense of family that exists within the membership. We all feel close to each other and when one of us encounters a personal crisis they find out how quickly their fellow club members rally to their support.

As with any Rotary Club, members are generally invited by another Rotarian to join the club. That is not to say someone couldn't just say they would like to join but that is a rare occurrence. The 23 original charter members were all invited to help form the new club. Today there are still four surviving charter rc_members.

Our Rotary Club has a strong sense of community participation as we encourage our members to bring to the board service projects that are either in need of financial support or a hands-on effort to get completed. Some of our projects continue from year to year while others are a one-time participation. One such annual project is Fishing In The City, done in conjunction with the Silicon Valley Boys and Girls Clubs, the Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation Dept. and the California State Fish & Game Dept. Each year in February we provide an opportunity for about 250 boys and girls to go fishing. Often this is their first time ever being able to go fishing. Prior to the day of fishing we hold classes in how to fish and in water conservation. On the designated Saturday we provide them with both a breakfast and barbecued lunch and a morning of fishing. Whether the kids ever catch a single fish, they always have a good time and return home with big smiles.

Our biggest ongoing project is the support of Grant Elementary School in San José. This is a school of varied ethnic groups among the students and for nearly 80% of them English is a second language. Each year the school experiences nearly a 45% turnover in students. Our objective is to provide support on several different levels. First we recognize the teachers for their loyalty and efforts by providing a "Back To School" breakfast and then a lunch at the end of the year. All of this is our way of saying thank you for a job well done.

Throughout the school year we provide student and parent support. Each fall they have a Harvest Festival where members of our club operate various game booths (many of the games were built by our members) or other activities for the fund raising for the school's parent association. Each spring we provide scholarships for the fifth grade students to attend a week long science camp. For many of the kids this is their first time away from home. At Christmas time the school works with us to identify a dozen or so of the most "at-risk" families and we adopt them for the holidays. We determine what their gift wishes are and fulfill them along with providing each family member a blanket along with food and other items. There is great joy on the part of our members on the day we deliver all of the goodies to the families.

The Rotary Club of San José Silicon Valley doesn't limit itself to just the local community in reaching out to make the world a better place. In the past we have helped with a hospital in Santiago, Chile, helped build classrooms in a part of earthquake ravaged Peru, provided funding for a micro-credit program in Nepal, and other worthwhile endeavors around the world.

Rotary International is committed to the concept of World Peace and Understanding. Our Rotary Club shares that commitment. When we hold our annual charity auction in the spring, it is with the knowledge that the money we generate from this one-night event will be what enables us to fund our various projects the following Rotary year. It is those projects that are our contribution to Rotary's objective. Each and every member of this club is proud to be a Rotarian and proud to be a member of the Rotary Club of San José Silicon Valley.

Club Presidents...

Presidents of San José Silicon Valley
current Janette Rosales    
2016-2017 Bud Sanders 2017-2018 Ken McLaughlin
2014-2015 Trixie Johnson 2015-2016 Jaime Angulo
2012-2013 Don Aguilar 2013-2014 Kit Seymour
2010-2011 Art Taylor 2011-2012 François Daoust
2008-2009 Steve McCray 2009-2010 Jaime Angulo
2006-2007 Rhonda Scattini 2007-2008 Jose Radzinsky
2004-2005 Julie Harper 2005-2006 Ed Voss
2002-2003 Jackie Rose 2003-2004 Mark McMasters
2000-2001 Bob Trammell 2001-2002 Trixie Johnson
1998-1999 Kris Myers 1999-2000 Ken McLaughlin
1996-1997 Jim Leonard 1997-1998 Jerry Buzzetta
1994-1995 Ed Janke 1995-1996 Steve Schwarz
1992-1993  James Ballard 1993-1994  Robb Hermanson
1990-1991 Carl Cookson 1991-1992 Robert Giuli
1988-1989 Brian Bianco 1989-1990 Jordan Walters
1986-1987 Tony Bondeson 1987-1988 Joe Lucas
1984-1985 Jerry Beavers 1985-1986 George Uccelli
1982-1983 Patrick Dwyer 1983-1984 James Harper
1980-1981 Ken McLaughlin 1981-1982 Pete Barceloux
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